Design your Climate Systems

How can I improve the quality or the climate system of my house? What are for me the most appropriate decisions on insulation, kind of heating, kind of cooling, kind of air cleaning? Moreover, what about my available budget?

Today HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, and Cooling) systems have a huge number of different solutions. However, it is difficult for a final user and even for installers to navigate to the huge number of possibilities available. So, the final user can receive very different solution proposals with huge differences in budgets. There is a need to make the knowledge on HVAC systems and their optimization easily available to final users and their direct suppliers. The configurator available here helps users, designers, and installers to navigate these technological choices.

Thanks to the possibility of customizing the technological choices through the editing of the libraries related to building and plan components, this Climate System Configurator is not constrained on the climate solutions provided by a single company. Moreover, besides letting the final user to know and navigate across the various types of climate technologies available, this Configurator allows to optimize the technological and installation choices. In this way, the final user can better understand these technologies, how do they fit together before contacting one or more specific suppliers or installers. This configurator, therefore, performs the strategic function of connecting final users with the producers of climate components and systems helping to increase, at the same time, final user satisfaction and installer and producer efficiency.

Configurator University of Bolzano

With this configurator it is possible to create a simplified building energy model and define a series of variables that will then be optimised by the program according to three objectives: energy consumption, occupant thermo-hygrometric comfort and cost.