What is Mass Customization?

Mass Customization is an approach developed to overcome the trade-off between variety-customization of products on one side and operative performance on the other. Mass Customization goal is developing, producing, marketing and delivering affordable goods and services with enough variety and customization that nearly every target customer finds exactly what he/she wants. Therefore, a Mass Customization company should be capable to provide significant product variety without sacrificing quality and offer many different product variants while keeping efficiency in all its processes.

Further, a Mass Customization company should be able to quickly elicit individual customer's preferences and quickly adjust the product design based on customer needs. Finally, in order to avoid overwhelming customers cognitively and decisionally by forcing them to evaluate and compare a lot of product variants, the Mass Customization company should be able to effectively guide its customers during the product customization process.

When Mass Customization deploys INDUSTRY 4.0 technologies it is called MC 4.0.