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72 hours
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Offered by: University of Padova

Language: English

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Course description: The course aims to transfer knowledge of theories (mass customization, information processing view) and methods (e.g, parts commonality, product configuration, …) for managing product variety and customization with the support of digital technologies. The aim of the teaching is to develop competencies to analyze and manage the activities of design, production, procurement, sales and after-sales assistance in companies characterized by variety and product customization. The ability to put into practice the learned notions is strengthened by the analysis of real situations in both individual and group laboratories.

Notes: This course (1) is offered within the master degree in Management Engineering, (2) can be attended under the option Single Course unit (i.e, without enrolling to the entire master degree), (3) is a free choice course, (4) can be attended by Erasmus + students and other exchange students, (5) does not require compulsorily attendance, (6) is delivered between the beginning of March and mid-June, (7) is delivered at the campus in Vicenza, (8) is identified by the code: INQ1097440.

Teachers / Speakers

Cipriano Forza, PhD, Msc Eng., Prof.
University of Padova – Vicenza site
Enrico Sandrin, PhD, Msc Eng., Ass. Prof.
University of Padova – Vicenza site

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