Design your Domotic System

How can I make my home smarter by using domotic technologies? How can I integrate them into my home? Can I do it even if my home is already built? How much does it cost?

A huge number of technologies are available in the market to improve the comfort, control, security, and energy efficiency of living environments. These technologies based on digital appliances in combination with software components can make our homes and our living much smarter. However, how to plan them, install them, and use them is not common knowledge and finding an appropriate balance between the various choices is not easy. The Domotic Configurator available on this platform guides the interested end customer through the selection of domotic technologies available, adapted to the consumers’ needs and the characteristics of his/her individual home, and provides information on the estimated costs. The Demonstrator of Energieforum Kärnten provides detailed insights on the logic of this configurator.

The specific feature of this Domotic Configurator is that it is not constrained on domotic solutions provided by a single manufacturer. The configurator allows the end-user to browse through the various types of domotic technologies available and compare possible alternatives, provided by different manufacturers. In this way, the end-user can better understand these technologies, how they fit together and how they could be applied to specific living circumstances and needs. However, the configurator also aims to include a direct interface to local specialized suppliers and installers who can provide information and support to specific needs or problems. In this way, the configurator performs the strategic function of connecting end consumers with producers of domotic appliances and local experts, helping to increase both end-user satisfaction and installer and producer efficiency.

Configurator University of Klagenfurt

The system is being developed as part of the Interreq project MC 4.0 and is intended to give both you, as a company active in the field of smart living, and your customers an insight into the possibilities of mass customization and configuration. Using a "smart home" as an example, various application scenarios for the digitalization concepts and tools mentioned will be illustrated from the customer's perspective.