Which ones of your competencies should you highlight for an MC 4.0 company?

If you are applying for a job position in an MC 4.0 company, you should consider that MC 4.0 companies need people with certain individual competencies.

Obviously, the exact competency profile depends on the specific company as well as the specific role you are applying for. More specifically, if you would like to cover the position of “configuration manager” or “user interface expert for configurators” then the company requests can be quite specific, as you can guess by reading the description of these professional profiles. However, even if you would like to apply for other roles in an MC work context, the following questions can help you to single out information about your competencies that could signal your particular suitability for such work context.

To write a professional CV and to be prepared for the selection phase, you should be able to provide, at least for the individual competencies (attitudes/soft skills, knowledge and skills) that you have declared to possess and which you believe to be the most significant:

Providing this evidence is the first step in the process of recognition and certification of individual competencies. The identification of competencies and their possible certification will become increasingly common practices, on the one hand, they allow companies to evaluate and choose their personnel more precisely and, on the other hand, allow workers to present their competencies in a clear and professional manner to employers and training institutions.