Start Time
October 21, 2020
End Time
October 21, 2020

Event Description

Event Description

The theme of the international conference is Mass Customization intended as a way of producing goods and services aimed at satisfying the individual needs of customers and at the same time preserving the efficiency of mass production, in terms of low production costs and therefore low selling prices. It includes a number of production organization techniques and tools.

Participation will allow companies to deepen the issues relating to Mass Customization and above all to acquire useful information regarding the benefits that can be gained from the use of configurators through which to combine the customizations requested by customers while maintaining the reduced costs, typical of mass production, also bringing real-life examples.

The MC4.0 project

The MC 4.0 Project develops services for local SMEs (consulting, training, research, technology transfer) to increase their ability to meet the specific needs of the individual customer at affordable costs (MC - Mass Customization) through processes of digitized customization (4.0), which bring the customer closer to the production chain of SMEs by lowering costs, speeding up times and ensuring product quality. The digitalization of the customization process passes through increasingly performing product configuration tools.

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15:30 Mass Customization: meaning andbenefits

Short introduction to Mass Customization. What is it? What are the benefits for SMEsat technical and commercial level?

Prof. Cipriano Forza, Università degli Studidi Padova, Vicenza Dept. of Management and Engineering (DTG)


The levers to become Mass Customizers

The Mass Customization levers: what are they and what are their effects

Ing. Nikola Suzic, Università di Padova,Vicenza Dept. DTG


The adoption of Mass Customization levers in Italian and Austrian SMEs

The use of Mass Customization levers by Italian SMEs and by Austrian SMEs

Ing. Svetlana Suzic, Università degli Studi diPadova, Vicenza Dept. DTG

Prof. Gerhard Leitner, Universität Klagenfurt


Customization through configured products and configurators

Differencebetween pure customized and configured products. The configuration activities.The advantages from configuration activities digitalization

Prof. Cipriano Forza, Università degli Studidi Padova, Vicenza Dept. DTG


Presence and digitalization of configuration activities in Italian and Austrian SMEs

Ing. Enrico Sandrin, Università di Padova,Vicenza Dept. DTG

Prof.Gerhard Leitner, Universität Klagenfurt


Development and use of a product configurator: the Roen Est case

Ing. Paola Spagnolo and Ing. Davide Cogoi, Roen Est spa


MC 4.0 DEA (Development and Application) CENTER in Vicenza and Klagenfurt

Ing. Manuel Maraschin, Director of Apindustria Vicenza, Vicenza

BA Immanuel Safrin, Energieforum Kärnten, Klagenfurt

17:00 Questions & Answers

Teachers / Speakers

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